Peshmerga solider uncovers sleeper cell

A peshmerga solider accidentally uncovered an Islamic State sleeper cell in Al Hasakah.

On November 3, 2015 in Al Hasakah around 2030 a young peshmerga solider was walking through Al-Nasra when a young woman attempted to seduce him. The solider said that he had been in contact with this young woman and has had occasional conversations with her over the past 4 months within Al-Nasra. The solider explained that she was making advances towards him & that she invited him into her home. She made her way into the bedroom and was lying on the bed when suddenly her attitude changed to a state of panic. I was stuck from behind the solider explains. I was beaten over the head with a pistol when the girl on the bed kicked me in my groining area and joined in the beating. The woman’s mother was trying to fire the gun but the gun wouldn’t fire. Both of the woman began to scream at me in Arabic calling me “dirty blood and a pig.” I was able to make it into the street and called for help. Fortunately a patrol of volunteer members was a few streets away when they came to my aid. The mother came into the street waving the pistol at us shouting “God is great” in Arabic when the young girl emerged with a meat cleaver.

Both of the woman were apprehend without shots being fired. The woman & her daughter were taken for questioning by Asayish. The residence was searched by the police force and they uncovered some disturbing information. They found handwritten letters from an anonymous source encouraging woman to use “seductive tactics to lead unsuspecting men to an enclosed area where they were to be executed.” The letters contained quotes from the Quran in support of these actions that were to be undertaken. A message from Ayman Al Zawahiri was discovered encouraging sleeper cells to activate throughout the world in support of the Islamic State. (A voice message was discover online by Ayman Al Zawahiri encouraging these attacks) In addition 50 grams of Captagon was uncovered hidden inside a hole in a mattress.

The two woman were transferred November 4, 2015 to American intelligence officers for further questioning.

The Peshmerga solider said that he was ashamed of his actions. No disciplinary action is expected against the solider. “It was the fate of this young solider to uncover this activity. His actions may have saved the lives of other young unsuspecting men.” – Asayish officer [name asked to be omitted]

Rojava is on high alert after the incident. Sleeper agents of the Islamic State have become a reality & we are taking the necessary precautions with our intelligence partners in ally nations to expose these threats.


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