Join the Lions of Rojava

I agree with the comments on Rojava’s official FB page that senior members need to coordinate group trips.

“Help us Westerners come in groups. No more ones and twos.”

The most noble cause on earth today; the Kurds and the war against the most evil force of modern times; ISIS.

If you want to join The Lions of Rojava:


  • What is your background and experience?
  • What is your motivation for coming here?
  • How do you see what is happening in Rojava?
  • What are your skills and specialities?
  • What about this place interests you?
  • How long you plan to stay here.
  • Tell us when you will be ready to come.
  • A bullet point resume list.

FYI PGP is NOT supported – the company was bought so it’s not free anymore.

The KEY won’t work for encryption.

Email: or Facebook –

Tell people to use Wickr for encryption, it free & the best right now!


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