Help build a democracy

As the war drags on throughout Syria we are in the process of creating a democratic non centralizes political system in Rojava. Rojava has a growing economy thanks to the support of locals & foreigners who believe in the path that we have taken. Yes, there is war & it is an active conflict zone throughout our region. We do have a relatively large buffer zone thanks to air support from ally nations & from Russia.

We need all the support we can get. This is a battle that wages on the threshold of genocide for Kurds, Christians, Jews and all those who oppose the radical fundamentalist and their ideology. ISIS and their allies have made fatwas against all those who do not submit to their ideology and this includes Muslims who share in the belief of Allah but who do not submit to ISIS & their twisted ideology.

We can either fight these radicals in Syria or you can fight them in Europe. ISIS will not stop until they have achieved world domination as they have declared “the world will submit.” ISIS has plans for Europe, America, Asia and the rest of the world. Its imperative that we hunt down & destroy this enemy of humanity.

How can you assist:  

We need people who are willing to make a sacrifice for the betterment of humanity. Liberty is not cheap! Just as your forefathers in America laid down their lives for your freedom our brothers & sister gladly give their lives for the chance of freedom for others. Freedom for all people not just a select few is our belief.

Do you have Military experience? Special operations experience? Security experience? Intelligence exp? Are you willing to learn the necessary skills to become a member of our security forces?

Do you want a more humanitarian roll?

We need doctors, nurses, engineers, mechanics, cooks, bartenders, farmers.

If you have a willing heart we could really use you in Rojava. There’s a roll for everyone & everyone is welcomed with open arms. We treat each person as if we were family. We live together, we cook together, we fight together and we die together.

Even if you can only make it out for a month it is greatly appreciated.

If you have a specialty in a specific field such as a technologist, intelligence, pilot, media etc… there is a huge wealth of opportunities here for you. Your economy is struggling? Ours is growing! We have opportunities and we need skilled people to join us.

Your motivation is worth more then your skills to us. Anyone with a willing heart can learn anything! Everything here is provided. You contribute to society and society takes care of you. People can share a place with their friends or new comrades. It’s a friendly, relaxed, revolutionary environment. Rojava is just like America but with a war on its soil. Most people are armed and we are all comfortable with it because we know that each person is looking out for our brothers and sisters.

Don’t stay at home in comfort in Western countries as this evil persists in our world. What is occurring in Syria will eventually spread throughout the world and than who will come to your aid?

We are in a world war in Syria. World war has been underway for years now & it’s only become more tense as Turkey has join the battle siding with ISIS.

Help abroad:

If you are a part of a church, temple, a community you can raise funds or buy the material and ship it out to Syria. If you want more info contact


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