Canada’s abuse

Canada has attempted to distance themselves from America’s “Advanced Interrogation Program” or the CIA’s RDI (Retain Detain Interrogate.) The fact is Canadian doctors in partnership with American doctors created these “legal torture programs” or what they call *Advanced Interrogation. Doctors know the most about the human anatomy and they would know how to inflict the most amount of pain without the subject dying.

A criminal syndicate known as *Jashin has infiltrated government branches in Canadian society and the members of this organization pose a significant threat to Canadian citizens.
The members of this criminal organization have positioned themselves into strategic positions within the government. They have placed their members into departments such as: Law enforcement, the Judiciary, Corrections Canada and a variety of other departments which enables them to carry out their criminal operations in relative secrecy. They use extreme force to intimidate those who oppose them. Jashin’s are involved in: Torture, White Slavery, Organ harvesting, Assassinations, Targeted kidnappings as well as a variety of other criminal conduct.

A clandestine organization that calls themselves *The Agency is involved in committing atrocities against Canadian citizens. The Agency is predominantly Jashin and consists of members of law enforcement such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
The Agency has a training program that they call *The Program. This program consists of tasks that the individual must complete in order to pass and to be declared an Agent with this organization.
The Agency uses mentally unstable individuals to train on at a psychiatric facility in Langley BC. Jashin’s believe that mentally unstable people do not contribute to society and that therefore their lives are worthless. These individuals at LPF are sexually abused, tortured and murdered by those who participate in The Program. Desensitization training involves being placed into a room where mentally unstable patients are executed in front of you.

Those who successfully complete The Program are granted their *kits. The kit comprises of the tools the student used during there training: Cellphone, lock pick, hand gun etc…
Those who pass are ushered to the right side of the room. Those who failed are not granted kits and they are ushered to the left side of the room. Those who pass The Program use their weapons and execute those who have failed. There are no second attempts at The Program.
These Agents have their information entered into the computers of the RCMP.
They are considered official Agents.

This is occurring at clandestine sites in Canada.

If this is a legal program and has been granted an exemption to the laws then the Canadian regime is nothing more then a hypocritical regime. This behaviour undermines every law and statute in Canadian society as well as the international community. An organization that thinks they can commit “legal” mass murder, torture and rape must be held to account by if necessary a foreign power.


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