The fall of an Empire

For decades now Canada has been described as “the best place on Earth.” A country based on freedom, democracy and protected human freedoms for all people. With America making headlines from Abu Ghraib to GTIMO and other so called “Black prisons” Canada was slipping by without making much headlines on government abuses.

Canada has attempted to distance themselves from America’s “Advanced Interrogation Program” or the CIA’s RDI (Retain Detain Interrogate.) The fact is Canadian doctors in partnership with American doctors created these “legal torture programs” or what they call *Advanced Interrogation. Doctors know the most about the human anatomy and they would know how to inflict the most amount of pain without the subject dying.

Lets talk about Canada for a change. Specifically lets talk about a clandestine organization known as *The Agency. We will talk a little about The Hells Angels, Jashin, White Slavery, Organ Harvesting and other mass abuses that are occurring in Canada.


September 11, 2015

Title: Jashin

A criminal syndicate known as *Jashin has infiltrated government branches in Canadian society and the members of this organization pose a significant threat to Canadian citizens.

The members of this criminal organization have positioned themselves into strategic positions within the government. They have placed their members into departments such as: Law enforcement, the Judiciary, Corrections Canada and a variety of other departments which enables them to carry out their criminal operations in relative secrecy.

Jashins comprise of members of the private sector as well as government.

They are abusing their positions in government branches in order to undermine Canadian sovereignty. They have no allegiance to the Canadian people their allegiance is solely to their Jashin organization.  Jashin’s have created a complex system within Canadian society that operates in the utmost secrecy. They have their own police officers, judges, lawyers, doctors, assassins and their organization is organized crime on a sophisticated level.

Jashin’s have successfully infiltrated entire government departments and have used their positions to place their members into these government branches.

They use extreme force to intimidate those who oppose them. Jashin’s are involved in: Torture, White Slavery, Organ harvesting, Assassinations, Targeted kidnappings as well as a variety of other criminal conduct.

I was introduced to the Jashin organization through a woman [name omitted] who was a probation officer at the Richmond Courthouse 7577 Elmbridge way, during 2011. I witnessed a number of executions in the probation office at the Richmond Courthouse. I was kidnapped during 2011 after I deliberately placed a hit on [name omitted] over insecure communications.

I was drugged in the probation office, assaulted with a hammer, robed and placed naked into a body bag by members of SN Hospital Transfer Vans and probation officers.

I was placed into a SN Hospital Transfer Van and began slipping out of conciseness. I was able to open the body bag from within by picking at the zipper. I eventually made my way out of the body bag and I sat on the drivers side of the vehicle as there was a bench. Fortunately the occupants of the van had headphones on and they didn’t notice me. The vehicle approached a red light and I made my way to the back of the van. I opened the rear door and made my exit. I didn’t closed the door full way. As I was making my way from the vehicle the van began to move and the rear door swung open. The van stopped and the driver of the van accused the other occupant of not closing the door properly. I heard the driver gasp “he’s gone!” I was wandering around naked and I came to a dead end street and made my way into a marsh. I passed out amongst some reeds but eventually came to and I decided to relocate. I was recaptured by the SN Hospital Transfer Van employees.

I was taken to a facility that resembled a hospital. The room I was brought in reminded me of a place where surgeons would operate. I was restrained on a chair and they began to discuss how I escaped the Hospital Transfer Van. Members of Richmond Community Corrections were there as well as people that I wasn’t aquatinted with. They decided that their might be something to me as no one has ever escaped the van before. I was raped by females as well as males, I was beaten without significant marks and I was introduced to a man they called “ The Doctor.”

During my duration I was tortured including the use of animals, I was subject to drugging, rapes as well as ritual executions. They concluded that I was strong and was able to resist pain. They began to make me offers, they told me that they were Jashin’s and they wanted me to join them. They told me that I knew what would happen if I didn’t join them.

To join the Jashin organization it requires a ritual execution. I was asked by a male named Roy (RCMP Officer) “gun or knife?” I said gun and Roy dropped the magazine, chambered one round and presented the gun to me. A male was brought in the room where I, Roy, Susan and another individual was.

I was told to shoot the male. I responded “No, I’m not doing that. He’s a murderer! I don’t care what he’s done God forgives him and I forgive him, I replied.” The male was tackled to the ground and I was brought closer to him. I was brought to the ground and the gun was placed under the man’s jaw. I had my finger on the trigger and unfortunately the gun fired. I was told by Susan that that counts and that I am now a Jashin.

The Jashin’s use mentally unstable individuals to train their agents on. I witnessed murders as well as participated, I was subject to rapes as well as participated in them.

During my detainment by the Jashin’s I was introduced to an organization that calls themselves The Agency. The Agency is a clandestine organization which involves members of the RCMP as well as consisting of members of other government organizations. The Agency comprises of predominantly Jashin members.

They knew I had a hard time killing people and this is precisely what they wanted me for. They put me into a room and brought in a number of people and executed them in front of me. I fell to the ground when the shots began to ring out. They told me “are you use to it now? Because we got a whole lot more here as they opened the door to show me more people.” I was in shock and I replied yes.

The Jashin’s are a very sophisticated organization and they carry out assassinations that seminally make headlines. They have successfully infiltrated government organizations such as the RCMP which makes successful investigations unlikely. The Jashin’s use government facilities such as the Richmond Community Courthouse as well as private facilities such as the Langley Psychiatric facility to carryout their operations.

Richmond Community Corrections

Members of Jashin as well as other criminal organizations have infiltrated the Richmond Community Courthouse at 7577 Elmbridge Way in Richmond BC. The Jashin’s have placed their members into this organization and are using their positions to conduct their criminal behaviour with relative ease. Probation officers as well as members of the Judiciary at RCC consist of Jashin members. Probation officers have carried out horrendous crimes against clients at the RCC facility which include but not limited to: Illegal interception of electronic communications, Threatening, Assault, Assault with weapons, Execution style Murders, Torture, Rape, Kidnappings and a variety of other crimes. The Jashin’s pray on vulnerable victims such as persons that have had legal issues with the law. Clients of RCC have been murdered for their organs in the probation offices. The bodies have been removed by SN Hospital Transfer Vans and the organs removed by their employees. SN Hospital Transfer Vans have members of The Hells Angels MC that are employed in a variety of positions.

Probation officers conduct kidnappings using SN Hospital Transfer Vans. Clients of RCC have been kidnapped and have been taken to facilities and have undergone torture including rape by dogs. Probation officers have used members of their Jashin community to break into the homes of RCC clients. They use individuals with sophisticated break and entering skills. These persons can pick locks as well as defeat alarm systems.

Because members of Jashin comprise of government officials such as the RCMP and the Judiciary it makes successful prosecutions unlikely. These individuals have infiltrated government organizations and have used these positions as a form of stealth for their operations. These individuals know the systems as they are directly involved and they know how to avoid prosecution. It is not our current belief that the regime is corrupt, rather that a select few have established a criminal element within the government that the government has failed to address.

  The Agency 

A clandestine organization that calls themselves *The Agency is involved in committing atrocities against Canadian citizens. The Agency is predominantly Jashin and consists of members of law enforcement such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Agency is directly involved in white slavery, torture, murder, kidnappings, brainwashing as well as taking measures to insure that their operations remain clandestine.

The Agency has a training program that they call *The Program. This program consists of tasks that the individual must complete in order to pass and to be declared an Agent with this organization. The tasks involve but not limited to: Lock picking, safe cracking, alarm disarmament, landing a large aircraft on a simulator, human anatomy, timed events, disarming persons with/without weapons, live fire training, advanced interrogation tactics, a written test…

The Agency uses mentally unstable individuals to train on at the *Langley Psychiatric Facility in Langley BC. Jashin’s believe that mentally unstable people do not contribute to society and that therefore their lives are worthless. These individuals at LPF are sexually abused, tortured and murdered by those who participate in The Program. Desensitization training involves being placed into a room where mental patients are executed in front of you.

Those who successfully complete The Program are granted their *kits. The kit comprises of the tools the student used during there training: Cellphone, lock pick, hand gun etc…

Those who pass are ushered to the right side of the room. Those who failed are not granted kits and they are ushered to the left side of the room. Those who pass The Program use their weapons and execute those who have failed. There are no second attempts at The Program.

These Agents have their information entered into the computers of the RCMP. They are considered official Agents.

This is occurring at clandestine sites in Canada. Currently I cannot say with certainty if the RCMP are fully involved in this or if this is being undertaken by a select few.

An organization that trains on real people, executes those who fail, it is my opinion that this criminal behaviour is being conducted by a select few which makes successful prosecutions difficult, as members of organized crime are abusing their position within government branches.

If this is a legal program and has been granted an exemption to the laws then the Canadian regime is nothing more then a hypocritical regime. This behaviour undermines every law and statute in Canadian society as well as the international community. An organization that thinks they can commit “legal” mass murder, torture and rape must be held to account by if necessary a foreign power.

It is to my understanding that sophisticated criminals have placed themselves into government departments and these departments have gone rogue with little or no understanding by the Canadian regime. Either 1) The government is corrupt 2) They are willfully ignorant.

This means that the government is deliberately acting in a tyrannical nature and has undermined Canadian sovereignty, thus has committed high treason against the people. Or they are incompetent and have allowed this travesty to occur. If the government is incapable of protecting Canadian citizens from their own members who are abusing their position then they are incapable of fulfilling their mandate. The governments sole mandate is to protect the people. Who are they protecting? If they are raping woman and children, torturing their own citizens. It would appear that the regime is protecting their own.

The international community must be made aware of the abuses that are being undertaken by Canadian government departments that are violating the freedoms of Canadian citizens.

If the Canadian regime is unwilling to immediately end the abuses and hold all who are involved in this criminal behaviour to account it will be left to the private sector.

We will not allow these people to abuse Canadians. We will not allow Canada to hypocrite about proclaiming freedom and democracy while they are involved in these atrocities.

Canada is involved in eugenics. Too many departments are involved in these abuses to claim “it’s only a select few” would be ignorant on their part. The Agency, The RCMP, Corrections Canada, Richmond Community Court House, SN Hospital Transfer Vans, A psychiatric facility in Langley BC, Provident Security, Members of The Hells Angels, Member of the Jashin community, it would appear that this is no small operation. This is organized crime on an unprecedented scale involving government departments and the private sector.

The amount of people that are disappearing from the probation offices of Richmond Community Corrections is alarmingly high. The amount of renovations is alarmingly high especially in 2010-2011. Every time someone is killed in an office they renovate the office.

Global News contacted RCC and inquired as to the high renovations and they were told that every time a probation officer changes a room they renovate. They have renovated the main area multiple times including a janitors closet. Global News did not have their calls returned after they inquired about the janitors closet and the main floor area being renovated multiple times in a short time span.

Organ harvesting is large money and this is occurring in Canada by corrupt members in government positions.

Susan J. Stapleton (Jashin member/former Agent/former probation officer), John Graham (White Rock Hells Angels ties/former probation officer) Ryder Lefurgy (Jashin member) the majority of probation officers in 2010-2011 have ties to The Hells Angels MC and the Jashin organization, Judge R Gallager (Jashin member, Richmond Court House) Ties of Jashin and Hells Angel members consist of wealthy individuals that are prominent members of The Vancouver Club.

Judges, Lawyers, Law enforcement, as well as members of the private sector comprise of members of what can be rightly called a *secret society known as Jashin.

These people operate with the attitude of impunity to the laws.

CSIS the Canadian Security Intelligence Service refuses to investigate stating “their mandate is to National Security not to investigate criminal behaviour that is under the criminal code.” The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are incapable of investigating themselves with transparency. The Agency is not going to conduct an investigation into themselves.

Members of organized crime are hardly stupid. They have deliberately set themselves in government department in order to conduct their criminal behaviour with ease.

I fear that foreign intervention is the only way to ensure our sovereignty or what we have left remains. We are contacting adversaries to the Canadian regime and will inform them of the abuses that are being undertaken by Canadian government employees. This Jashin organization along with The Hells Angels pose a far greater risk to Canadians then some radical jihadist organization that is conducting operations thousands of miles away.

Canada regardless of race, creed or mental status are all suppose to be protected by the state. If the state will not protect these people then our government has become tyrannical in nature. If we cannot turn to the police, the military, our courts or political bodies to provide that protection then we have lost our country.

These corrupt individuals in these organizations have sold out Canadians for a few extra bucks.

We are at war against all those who thought that they could abuse Canadians, torture, rape and murder our people without reprisal. Change will not come though the ballot. These corrupt organizations are not influenced by our votes. The Jashin, The Hells Angels, corrupt government employees will be removed. These abuses by these vile organizations must be brought out for the world to see. We have legitimate government branches such as The Agency, The RCMP, Corrections Canada etc that have had their departments infiltrated by members of organized crime. The Canadian regime is either incompetent or corrupt, their’s no other way to put it.

It will take the intervention of the international community to bring these people to justice. Investigations must be diligently carried out by foreign bodies against the Canadian regime. Whether it is the private sector or a foreign military power that holds these people to account is irrelevant. Why should the international community respect the freedoms of these people when they rape people with dogs? When they harvest organs, white slavery etc? Their hypocrisy is astonishing!

Canadians need to understand what is occurring at the hands of our regime. Those who are involved in organized crime must be dealt with.

Either the Canadian people deal with their government or the international community will. If the international community deals with it you might not have your supposed freedoms anymore and you will most likely have a radically new regime.

Protect Canadian citizens from corrupt members of government departments that are abusing their positions. These people are operating with impunity and amnesty from the law.

A brief breakdown of events:

2011 Jashin

Written by witness


  • I became aware that my electronic communications were illegally intercepted by Susan Stapleton and Richmond Community Probation office
  • One day during 2011 I was going to Richmond Community Court House to see Susan Stapleton. I saw two men with a stretcher enter the main door on the South side of the building. I went up to lv 2 and the two men with the stretcher were waiting outside the staff door to the probation offices. On top of the stretcher they had a black body bag and a white ice box with a blue handle. I sat down in the lobby and within seconds I heard two loud consecutive sneezes, I then heard a thud. I stood up due to shock because the sound to me was that of a silenced gun shot. I was shocked to see the second door across the secretaries desk open. It’s a janitors closet. A man emerged with a gun and a black silencer on the end. In the janitors closet was a desk and a probation officer by the name of Justin was sitting behind the desk. The man with the gun unscrewed the silencer in front of me and put it into the right pocket of his blazer. He then put the gun under his right arm into a brown holster. I was in a state of shock at the time. I had my rights violated, been threatened and now I witnessed a murder at the probation office. The man with the gun took out his cell phone and did something on it. He then proceeded to the staff door and opened it for the two men with the stretcher. One older male entered the room (I believe Allan is his name) and a younger kid mid 20’s entered behind him. The male with the gun took out a money clip and proceeded to pay both males. He said that he might have one more for them, a reference to me. Just behind the secretaries desk they had new carpets, new desks, new wooden beams and new office equipment lined up on the wall.
  • I was called into Susan’s office. They question me about what occurred in the office where the deceased male was. They wanted to know what I knew if anything. Susan asked me “what do you think happened in that office? “ I knew dame well what happened but my inner voice told me not to say anything. I could feel the presence of a male at my back. I tilted my head slightly back and I could feel the barrel against my head. I thought to myself what a shitty life, but if you want to help me God that would be great. It felt like an eternity sitting in that chair staring Susan Stapleton in her green eyes. The male was really pressing the gun into the back of my head now and my eyes left Susan to focus on the ground. I heard a male say “no not him, we may still be able to use him.” At that the male with the gun left me.
  • Susan told me that we would reschedule our meeting because she had something to take care of. The two males had a body bag on top of the stretcher and were exiting the North face of the building and taking the body out the exterior down the steps into a SN Hospital Transfer Van BC Plate CL-6843. Justin the probation officer was stripping out the room where the murder took place. He was even taking out the floors support beams.

I decided not to enter in any information on my Blackberry because Susan Stapleton was illegally running software on my phone in order to monitor my activities. I decided to ask a good friend deliberately over my phone for a gun. I knew that I was being monitored and I wanted to show that I wasn’t afraid to shoot back. I had a conversation with Nav over the phone and we agreed to meet up at the spot and not talk about the details over electronic communications. We had prearrange spots around YVR in order to meet up. After my conversation with Nav I immediately got a call from a disguised number pretending to be that of my good friend Nav. My contact picture never came up, and the number was slightly off, oh and the males voice was not at all that of my good friend. He says to me “ Hey it’s Nav, remember what we were talking about earlier? Remind me again! And wheres the spot again? One, I knew you were listening to my conversations. Two, the number you called me didn’t match. And three your voice is nothing like Nav. So I said “A nine mill or a forty five?” the man’s voice over the phone was in a state of shock.You could hear the fear in his voice. I’ll see what I can do he says to me. I left it an open ended conversation and he just assumed that he was imitating the seller. I told him a few locations around YVR because I wanted him to run around. I told him lv 2 the food court of domestic terminal and the parking lot outside 7/11.

That night at YVR after work me and Nav were hanging out at our spot by 7/11. I saw this man frantically running around outside up and down the road. I recognized him from the probation office. I believe his name is Roy of the RCMP. He spotted me and Nav and he began to calmed down. We were hanging out on the steps just outside of 7/11 and the park aid. The man decided to make his way toward us. We were one flight of stairs above him and he was just below us attempting to be just casually smoking below. I and Nav were talking about guns and the acquisition of them. I casually walked over to the railing and I poured my drink out on the male below. I clearly got him as he let out a loud grown and slunk away. I told Nav that I knew what was going on and that I was going to expose it.

I sent a very provocative text to Nav saying “86 her” I knew Susan would receive this, that was the intent.

As I entered Richmond Community Court House and entered into the probation and bail supervisor lobby I was in for another shock. As soon as I entered the lobby and behind the secretaries desk the gun man from the first murder was their with a kid that looked to be late teens to early 20’s. The kid and the gun man were standing side by side when out of nowhere the man pull out a silenced gun and fired at the kid. The kid made a run from the North end of the main floor area to the South staff door to make an escape. The kid opened the door and took a right. The gun man fired two more shots through the wall right next to the door frame on the right side of the door. I saw the kid through the glass of the office door make a left past the washrooms in order to escape via the South lv 2 exterior stairs. He fell just at the door and was bleeding out in the hall. A probation officer ask the gun man if he got him. The gun man was on his phone and it sounded like he was contacting the company that operates the security cameras. The other probation officers realized that the kid was bleeding out in the hall. They collected the boy and brought him into the main area behind the secretaries desk. Someone grabbed a mop and began cleaning up the blood in the hall way. This was the second murder I witnessed in Richmond Community Court House. It was deliberately done in front of me as a form of intimidation. A woman asked about me as I had witnessed everything. The gun man told her that I had a date with Binky.

I was called into Susan’s office and I sat down in the chair as Susan sat across from me and was asking me rather random questions. The gun man came up to me on my right side and pricked my right hand with a small circular needle. It looked like a little yellow smarty with a little needle on the end. My body began to become immobilized, my body became stiff and I was unable to move. The gun man began to pat me down. He looked in my leather jacked, felt my legs and nocked off my shoes. He took out my wallet and helped himself to all my bills (about $100.) He found nothing on me (naturally) he was clearly looking for a gun. I wonder what would have caused him to think that I was armed? hmm…He then punched me in the right side of the back of my head.

The gun man looked at Susan and Susan at him. The man shrugged to indicate that nothing was found. Defenceless as I was in this state the man came up on my right side and began to squeezes exceedingly hard on my right artery in my neck. I was going in and out of conciseness as the room would disappear and reappear.

The gun man, Justin and Susan begin their ferocious assault on me. I was knocked out of the chair and was thrown to the ground. I was punched, kicked and brutally assaulted by these probation officers. Susan said “86 me? I know what that means!” The gun man placed a butterfly knife in my hand and took a photograph of me on the ground with it. I was set up. After the photo op I was repositioned in the chair.

The gun man and Justin went to work on me. They gave me a hair cut in Susan’s office. I had a wooden paddle placed into my mouth and I was beaten in the right side of my head by the gun man with a hammer. As Susan Stapleton watched from her desk I could hear my skull crack as the gun man beat me in the right upper part of my head with the hammer. I had a machine hooked up to me to read my heart rate.

I was then injected with a substance that loosened my body. I had extreme fatigue.The SN Hospital Transfer Van guys were there assisting in this. I had all of my clothing stripped and I was placed naked into a body bag.

I thought this was it as I was carried out of the North lv 2 fire exit into the awaiting SN Hospital Transfer Van. I thought I was going to be thrown into the Fraser River. I was slipping in and out of conciseness as I was attempting to open the bag from the inside. Just lifting my arm in order to pick at the zipper was exhausting. With determination and a prayer the zipper was becoming undone! I was able to see the inside of the Hospital Transfer Van. I passed out before I could attempt to move. Eventually I came to. I was giving an adrenaline rush and was able to climb out of the body bag. I sat on the drivers side in the rear as there was a bench to sit at. I contemplated about killing the driver and the boy that kidnapped me. I decided against it for the time being. Fortunately both occupants had headphone on and didn’t notice me.The van began to slow down so I positioned myself at the rear door. I unlocked the rear door by sliding the black slider to the open position. I opened the door as the vehicle was still in motion and I waited for the vehicle to slow. The van stopped at a traffic light and I made my escape.

I closed the rear door but it didn’t click into position. I noticed it but I was more concerned about making my way away from the vehicle.

As I was walking naked down the street I could hear the van begin to move and the door opened. The van came to an immediate halt and the driver said to the boy “you didn’t close the door properly! He’s gone!” The driver exclaimed. The boy jumped out of the van and the two of them began to search for me. I heard a pedestrian say to the occupants of the van that I was right there a few seconds ago. I made my way down the street and everything was in a haze as in a drunk state. I came across people and they laughed at me, clearly they were unaware that I had just escaped being kidnaped by members of the Hells Angels (or associates.) I came across a police car but an inner voice told me not to approach them.

I took a right across the street and made my way around an industrial area. I came to a dead end street with what appeared to be a marsh at the end. I entered the water and I had no feeling of coldness. I was lying down amongst some reeds and began to pass out. I awoke to fear and decided to move from my position. I could hear people in front of me that were looking for me. I saw the SN Hospital Transfer Van and another car of people in suits that were talking about sending dogs after me in order to locate me. I was lying on an embankment and I could see the Hospital Transfer guys looking around the industrial area for me. I should have retreated back to the reeds but I was too weak and unable to process information clearly at this point in time. I was lying on the embankment at the edge of the road when the young kid from the Hospital Transfer Van located me. I was picked up by both of the men and was dried off and placed into the body bag yet again. I had no concept of time during this escape, everything was in a haze and at times it was difficult to see and walk.

I was brought into a room that was tiled on the floor as well as the walls. It reminded me of a room where surgeons would work. In font of me was a chair that had green padding as well as restraints. It was mechanical and was operated via a control panel. I was strapped to the bed and I was surrounded by people. Some of these people were from the probation office and others I wasn’t familiar with. They were all talking about my escape and informing others about it. Susan Stapleton was there and she was clearly surprised that I had escaped from the van. They said no one has ever done that before. They decided that their might be something to me.

I was questioned about my escape form the van and I simply told them that I had opened the door. I recognized the male from the probation office who I pored my drink out on. His name is Roy, a member of the RCMP.

I passed out shortly after our conversation about the Hospital Transfer Van. They determined that they forgot to place the exterior bolt into place that should have prevented my escape from the van.

I was woken up and was introduced to a man they called The Doctor. He said to me”[Name omitted] I am going to ask you some questions, once you answer them your free to leave.” I was shocked that I was naked and this man was questioning me as I was restrained. I said “what do you want to know? My banking information!” They had a good laugh & I was told by the doctor that he would ask me the questions.

I was question by this individual and was physically worked on by him. I was then raped by Susan Stapleton as well as both male and females that are apart of this organization. Susan indicated “she was my first” an indication that she was listening in on my private conversations. I passed out as I was being raped. Due to blood loss and exhaustion I became limp and this infuriated Susan. She began to beat me in my private area. This cause excruciating pain. Another woman intervened and stopped Susan from assaulting my private area. At this Susan took up position over my head while the other woman began raping me after putting an elastic band on my penis. I had a difficult time breathing with Susan over my head and I began slipping. They had a heart rate monitor attached to me and the doctor told them to get off me. A woman said “who cares let him go.” But the doctor exclaimed “no! We need to know what he knows and how he knows it.” Get the AED, do your job the doctor exclaimed. I could feel a tickle of electricity going through my body and I awoke to a male breathing into me.

I was taken to the shower to be cleaned up. I attempted an escape but was captured by two males and a dog named Binky. The Doctor said “[omitted], where are you going? We’re just getting started! Wow he doesn’t wan’t to be here, this is his third attempt!”

I was restrained and put vertically. At my feet was a dog and it looked like a doberman. He was black on top and had a brown under line. I was taken down and position on my hands and knees. They helped Binky up and I was rapped by this creature. After my unpleasant experience I was placed into a room and a white straight jacket was used to prevent me from escaping. A male and Susan placed a diaper on me. Susan remarked that it was one of his fantasies. Another indication that my electronic communications were violated.

I was being restrained in a chair and two people were brought in. They were decapitated in front of me. I shouted at the man “you murderer! Murderer! I was told to shut up. I was told that one was a murder and the other was a rapist. I thought to myself if this is what they do to murders and rapist what will they do to me? I exclaimed that they had no right to take their lives.

Some people were wearing hoodies and they took the bodies and dragged them around me in a circle spilling their blood. They made a triangle in the centre of the circle and I was restrained in the middle. They dimmed the lights and lit candles around me. This was completely foreign to me. I was tortured by these people for an unknown amount of time. The doctor explained to them not to leave any markings. I remember at one point animals were used on me. They had a black and yellow snake on me. They held the snake up to my face and forced the snakes anal glans to my nose. They squeezed the snake and its end trailings were forced into my mouth.

They determined that I was strong and was able to resist pain. Susan informed me about the Jashin organization. She wanted me to join and to become one with her. They explained to me that I would be protected by their organization and protected by law enforcement.

Susan began to tempt me with sex. She told me that she would do all of my fantasies with me. I responded “I already have someone who is willing to do that with me.” Susan told the male to takeout her phone. She undressed and came up beside me. I was told to smile. A photo of me and Susan was taken. She immediately began to call my girl friend Alexa. Susan had it on speaker. She said that she wanted me to hear her heart break. Susan explained to Alexa that I and her had just had sex for the first time and that she was sending a picture to her. I could hear Alexa sobbing in the background. Now you have no one Susan exclaimed to me.

Becoming a part of their organization required a ritual. I was told that I would have to kill someone in order to join. I was placed into a room with Susan Stapleton and three other individuals. I was asked by Roy “knife or gun?” I replied gun. He took out his gun, dropped the magazine and chambered one round. A man was brought into the room and I was told to shoot him. I respond no i’m not doing that. They replied “he’s a murder!” I explained that I didn’t care what he’s done I am not doing it. I looked at the gun in my hand and then at Susan. Someone said he’s looking at Susan. Susan turned to me and pointed her gun at me. They wrestled the man to the floor and brought me closer to him. I was taken from behind and was now wrestling the gun between Susan and a male. I was tackled to the floor and the gun was placed at the man’s neck just under his jawbone. My finder was on the trigger and the gun fired.

Susan and the other individuals fired their guns at the deceased male. I was told by Susan that that counts and I am now one of them.

I was devastated by what had just happened. They left me in the room with the deceased and I was lying on the floor in shock. I was eventually collected by two males in white clothing and taken to the showers to be cleaned up.

They knew that I had a difficult time with killing people, so they put me in a room and brought in a number of people. Shots began to ring out. I fell to the floor and began shaking on the ground in a state of trauma. I was told “are you use to it now? Because we have a whole lot more here!” They opened the door to show a number of people standing in the hall. I immediately told them “yes.” I was horrified at what had just occurred. This was done as a part of desensitization training.

A strange ritual took place when Susan and I were to become one. A man was brought into the room and his throat was slit. He was then decapitated. Susan had me repeat the words she was saying about becoming one. I was pierced by Susan with a small blade on the right chest. As blood began to flow Susan was handed a metal symbol that was of a circle and an inverted triangle in the centre. My blood was used in the creation of a blood pact. I was now officially a Jashin and one with Susan. I was drugged beyond normal levels during this ritual and found the ritual difficult to follow. I was told to accept pain or enjoy pain, that we had access to each others bodies to inflict pain on one another and for sexual purposes, that our actions affect each other in this life and the hereafter.

During my time I was introduced to an organization that calls themselves The Agency and they conducted waterboarding, rape by male and females, a dog, I had a hose inserted into my rear and I was filled with water until I vomited, I was subject to wearing diapers, subject to hot and freezing showers, subject to deafening music, had animals used on me, as well as sleep depravation, I was beaten without significant marks being left, I was drugged, shock treatment, subject to witnessing murders as well as participation, subject to rapes as well as participation.

Susan brought me into a room shortly after I became a Jashin. Susan knew that I wanted to experience sex with a virgin so she brought one for me. A young girl was restrained and Susan explained that she was for me. I approached the girl and inquired as to her age. Susan said 12 maybe 13. I was shocked! I said no not like this. Susan order a man to come over and to bring the gun. He put the gun to the girls head. Susan said look how pretty she is! You don’t want a perfectly good virgin to go to waste now do you? Susan decided to try this again. I was backed up and Susan exclaimed that she brought a virgin for me. I and Susan participated in the rape of this young girl. The girl was shot afterwards.

I was told that if I wanted to pass their program that I would have to execute someone. They knew I had a hard time killing people and this is what they wanted me for. I was placed into a room with Susan, Roy, A doctor and the gun man from the probation office. I was told that this man is your target. I ran up to the man, brought him to his knees and took the gun from the rear of my lower back. I placed the gun on the left side of the man’s head, I corrected slightly because Roy was where the exit would have been. I paused for a second but had no feeling or emotion when I squeezed the trigger. I handed the gun over to Susan and they were surprised that I had shot the man. They were unsure if I was able to do it.

I was told after a beating that they would let me go after I signed some paper work and gave them my password to my cellphone. They told me to make my signature on the paper like the one on my drivers licence. I was forced to sign paperwork that I consented to my detainment at The Langley Psychiatric Facility. They decided that they might as well get paid for what they did to me. They took my MSP and filled out the forms. I was marked for the duration of one day when in fact I was in their facility for over one week. I signed a document given to me by The Agency that said it was valid for the duration of my life.

I was placed into a wheelchair and was loaded into the SN Hospital Transfer Van. Susan accompanied me in the hospital transfer van. She was drying her hair as we had just left the shower prior to entering the van. At some point during the drive someone behind me put earmuffs on me, put blacked out goggles over my eyes and a red gag ball with black leather restraints over my mouth.

We were inside an office when my goggles and earmuffs were removed. Susan was in her office along with two other individuals. Their was a commotion and someone put his hands over my ears. I saw Susan reseting the clock in her office. Susan sat at her desk and a man took his hands off of my ears, he then punched me in the right side of the back of my head. Susan told me that I could leave now.

As I was walking down the hall to exit the offices at the West door I saw a girl crying and I suspect that she saw me being transported into the building. I looked at my Blackberry and I thought it was odd because it was a Thursday and around 11am when I had my appointment with Susan on a Wednesday and I did afternoons not mornings. I had work the same day which is odd because I deliberately never make appointments on work days with Susan. I didn’t want to think about what happened and began to seal my mind in order to protect myself.

I made my way home to 11671-216 7ave Richmond. I was getting off the 410 Railroad bus as my phone rang. I answered it and it was Susan Stapleton doing a poor impersonation of my girl friend. Just as with my pervious calls the information on my phone was incorrect. Hey it’s Alexa Susan says. Where are you? One my girl friend doesn’t call me, its called texting, two she doesn’t ask me where am I and she doesn’t sound like Susan Stapleton. I told her that I was at home. She began to freakout over the phone. At home? Like at the door? Oh, oh phone dialling in the background. I ran up to the entrance, I ran up to lv 2 and waited in the hall just a door down from my apartment. Phone ringing in my apartment, door opens and a kid walks out and passes me in the hall. I was shocked to see him exit my apartment. I decided to let him go incase he was armed.

My apartment door was locked, I don’t lock my apartment door. My room was rummaged through. My condoms had puncture wounds in them, my air mattress had holes in them, and one of my beers had a small hole on the bottom of the can and it was resealed with glue.

I made my way to work that same day. As I entered work people were hostile towards me and began accusing me of taking a vacation without notice. I had no idea what they were talking about. You think you can just take a week off work and show up and expect to have your job? One guy said. My management wasn’t too pleased with me and I was utterly clueless. Within a minute the phone rang and my management talked to me and explained that it was ok because Susan my probation officer (bail supervisor) called and explained that I was very sick and was in the hospital. I had no recollection of being in a hospital.

My girl friend was devastated and I didn’t know why. She said how can you not know why? You cheated on me! I did’t know what she was talking about. She said she had picture evidence and she showed me the picture of me and Susan naked together. I gasped out “Susan!” Wait? You had sex with your probation officer! Alexa remarked. This started a fire storm on Facebook. I saw Facebook light up about how I and my probation officer had sex. And how I denied it with photo evidence. I honestly didn’t recall this until much brain work later. This started an investigation into Susan Stapleton’s conduct with a client. I was called in I believe 2012 sometime in the Winter I think. I was asked if it was consensual sex. I lied and said yes. Investigation closed.

I believe it was my second last day with Susan at the probation office. She was trying to get me connecting with my family. She suggested mediation and their just happened to be a family mediation office just down the hall on the right side on lv 2. As Susan was walking me out of the office and as we passed in front of the secretaries desk the janitors door opened. A kid came out of the office with horror struck on his face. He fell backwards on the floor and the probation officers jumped on him including the woman behind the secretaries desk. I saw Justin behind a desk in the janitors closet and this time a camera was at his right and a monitor was on the desk facing the client. It looked like a video of someone being torture on a bed in a titled room. The angle of the camera on the video was from the celling. The probation officers grabbed duct tape and tapped the kids mouth, they tied his hands. Susan said she had something to deal with but asked me if I wanted to deal with it. I didn’t know what to make of her statement. I was used to people dying by now and I felt no emotion. The gun man from the pervious times took out a gun and without a silencer shot the kid twice. I was ushered into the hallway before I could see the execution. I only overheard the shots. This was the third murder in 2011 that I am aware of. I have heard screams from offices and shots before. This could be the fourth come to think of it.

In 2013 of September I was working at Provident Security. I was told by Ryder Lefurgy that he could help me with my career objectives into the Air Force if I did some work on the side. I agreed. I was stationed at 1030 – 702 W. Georgia St Vancouver BC. I was introduced to a guy in his twenties named Tim. During one of our patrols I thought it was odd because their was a stretcher outside of an office but Tim completely over looked this. We conducted another patrol and I checked the door to the office that the stretcher was previously outside of. The door opened and I enter but Tim insisted that we shouldn’t. I check the office and asked if anyone was inside. An older heavyset male approached me and told me they were just cleaning the office because of a flu outbreak. I was asked to exit the office as Tim was given a talking to by the male. The male ask Tim why we enter the office and why Tim hasn’t informed me yet. In the security office Tim told me that the guys would come up and we would be paid to delete security camera footage.

Ryder Lefurgy called me and asked if we had an understanding and that I had the opportunity to make more money and deal with the companies other business ventures.

Tim explained to me that he was a Jashin and a part of this organization. He was contemplating attempting a program that would allow him into the inner circle of the organization. If he passes he said he will be protected. He explained that the Jashin’s use mentally unstable individuals to train on at the Langley facility. He said they don’t contribute to society and their lives are valueless, so training on them is justified.

During one Saturday I received a call and was instructed to close the parking garage. A Hospital Transfer Van was waiting in the loading bay. I was then instructed to stay in the security office. Over the security camera I witnessed people in the parking garage. A silver Honda Accord newer 2000’s model opened the truck and a lightly tanned individual was taken out of the trunk. He was tied at the hands as some men were clearly shouting at him as he stood in the underground. He was shot at pointblank range and I saw him fall backwards onto the pavement. I decided to making my way out of the office towards the underground. I was intercepted by the Hospital Transfer Van guy. I was told to return to the office they would be up soon. The license plate on the van was CL-6843 number 501. I was paid $100 to delete the video, I didn’t. I was going to get a USB and download the file. Before I could I received a call from Ryder who informed me that the video was not delete. I simply explained that I got distracted with other duties. Someone else deleted the file.

Ryder informed me of the Jashin organization. He told me that I have the opportunity to protect something that some people worked very hard to create. He was unaware that I was already aquatinted with them.

I was stuck by a vehicle as I left work and requested time off. Ryder became suspicious of me and told me that we look after ourselves like family. He had a conversation with me over the phone inquiring if it was due to the incident at work. He told me that I would be looked after by a woman named Susan. She was described as the employee care coordination. She was going to look after me during my recovery. I was suspicious because Ryder had our conversation over a conference call. Someone didn’t turn their phone off and I could overhear the conversation that conspired. A man asked for my name and Ryder provide it. The man said that my name was familiar.

They were sending a Hospital Transfer Van to accompany Susan.

They were planning on kidnapping me in order to acquire information on me. Ryder noticed that someone didn’t turn off their phone so he asked me how much I knew. I remand silent. My phone rang and it was Ryder. He informed me that Susan would help me relax and give me a massage to help me. I was informed to expect a Black Audi R8. I didn’t open the door when Susan arrived. I recognized her, it was Susan Stapleton. Ryder was more suspicious now.

He gave Susan my doctor information and I caught Susan Stapleton exiting my doctors office one day during the fall of 2013 Oct. She had a blue form which was the document I signed during my kidnapping as this was from the Langley Psychiatric Facility and the other document was from my hospital visit after the vehicle struck me.

Ryder wanted me to come in to work. I over heard that Ryder put a hit on me and it was to be conducted at the security office at the Burrard Building.

I informed Ryder that I was leaving the company due to issues with my security license. He told me that he could help me with that but I declined. He asked me if I was going to be a problem for them and that the company needed these contracts.

I was informed that if I attempted to take down their organization that I would go down for participation in executions. I was informed that they have my gun with my prints on it and they could set me up if they chose to. They would leave me alone if I left them alone.


The Agency is using individuals that have had run-ins with the law to carryout their dirty work. I was offered 30 – 35% to start. For example a kidney is sold for 200 thousand I get 30 – 35%. I was informed that I could make more money working for them then any other organization. I never wanted anything to do with these people to begin with. Agents that are hire level use agents that are lower level to carryout their work. This protects the hire ups.

A legitimate hospital in Langley BC is being used to conduct murder, torture and other disturbing acts. Members of organized crime have infiltrated a number of government and private organizations in order to hide their true activities.

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