International Day of Kobane

Kobane Day

International Kobane Day is only 4 days away!

“I stand with the male and female Kurdish fighters. I respect the fallen & living volunteer fighters of Rojava!”

# Syrian Democratic Force

The Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) supports calls of the exiled Kurds and their friends in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia for an international Day of Action on November 1, as a sign of solidarity for the citizens of the northern Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani. On this day, there are to be several large and small vigils and demonstrations in many major cities such as Berlin, Paris, London, Rome, Stockholm, Washington, Toronto, Mexico City, Moscow, Erbil, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Cairo, and many others.

People are uniting across the world in a sign of solidarity for the Kurdish people. Since the end of 2013, the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IS) has been trying to capture the northern part of Syria, but failed again and again – thanks to the resistance of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), and the recently formed Syrian Democratic Force. In mid-September of 2014, the Islamist militias prepared for a major offensive; on September 28, 2014, the attack in Syria’s north began.

With recent events in Syria on the part of Turkey the STP suspects that the Turkish government is planning to break up the three northern Syrian Kurdish cantons Kobani, Afrin and Jazeera– and the STP demands that neither Germany nor Europe will accept this policy any longer. There must be more humanitarian aid for the refugees from Kobani. Further, there must be a supply corridor for the beleaguered Kurds in Kobani. The Turkish government recently allowed 152 Kurdish fighters from Iraqi Kurdistan to pass through, but it still refuses to set up a permanent corridor for the other two Syrian-Kurdish enclaves.


Rojava is under attack from the North (Turkey as of Oct 24, 2015) Daesh, ISIS and other armed groups are attacking from the South, South East into Rojava controlled territory. Turkey is conducting sniper attacks from within there borders but some reports suggest that Turkey forces are entering into Syria to conduct quick attacks and they subsequently retreat back to Turkey. Heavy fighting is being conducted by Daesh & ISIS with artillery attacks.

November 1st is a day to condemn the actions of The Islamic State.

Rojava’s plea to the international community is for international support to fight The Islamic State.

“This is a matter of humanity. We therefore need the material and moral support of our friends,” prominent Syrian Kurdish leader Salih Muslim said in a statement published by Hawar News.”

“There has been solidarity from organizations and the people who can see that the resistance in Kobani is protecting human values against savage attacks.This interest is encouraging, and we appreciate it, but it is insufficient,” he stated, calling for supporters to pressure for greater international aid to the besieged people of Rojava.


Rojava needs humanitarian aid as well as Military aid in order to secure the region against these radical groups that are forcing their dangerous ideology on to the people of Syria.

Humanitarian aid is still being blocked from entering the city and people are in urgent need of basic medical supplies, food, and clothing. This appeal calls for a humanitarian corridor to be opened up and for the freedom and reconstruction of the city.

Turkey is blocking the borders to Rojava’s forces but they continue to allow The Islamic State and their allies through. Only recently has Turkey allowed the FSA (FreeSyrian Army) through the border.

“We stand together once more to show our solidarity with the Kurdish people of Iraq and Syria and we call for the freedom and reconstruction of Kobane. The Kurds stand on the front line of the world’s struggle against the militancy of ISIS. They deserve our support. 

I also call on the Turkish government to abandon its latest campaign against the Kurds and to embrace Kurdish cultural and political identity. As Palestinians facing the annihilation of our collective consciousness, culture, land and being, we, the people, give our support freely and proudly.” 

Reem Kelani, Palestinian singer, musicologist and broadcaster

You can send your support for Rojava and the people of northern Syria by spreading #KobaneDay

Donations Bitcoin: 16D8mqDDks3aDHdRiBjx2WSuRuePLzAuNQ


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