New alliance formed in Syria

They are calling themselves the “Syrian Democratic Forces.” An alliances formed between Rojava (YPG/YPJ) Javsh Al-Thuwar, Burkan al-Firat (Operations Room) Al-Sanadid Forces (Jaysh al-Sanadid) Brigade Groups of Al-Jazira & The Syriac Military Council.


According to the Defence Forces “Due to accelerate conditions in both the political and the military development and the sensitive phases our country has gone through, there must be an establishment of a unified national military force to all Syrians consisting of Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and all others living in the geographical locations of Syria.” 

Their goal is to launch a self governing Syria. A united front developed in October of 2015 was created due to the ever changing environment on the ground. The call for unity went out and it was answered by six groups that formed an alliance. This security groups objective is to bring security and stability to the people of Syria. The people required an armed force that would protect their basic freedoms to life, liberty and justice.

The misconception by foreign State media is that this armed group is a radical Anarchist organization that is running rouge in Syria. The Security Force was created by the people for the people’s protection from radical entities from Syria, Turkey, Iraq, IS and other armed groups.

This new alliance that was formed was created by the people in Northern Syria consisting of Christian, Jew, Muslim & others to insure their security in the region. Christians, Jews and Muslims working together against the forces that seek their destruction.

“The Syrian Democratic Forces said on October 15 there is an important need for unity among democratic military forces for the current state in Syria to bring back peace to country. For that reason, all components of Syria realize legitimate defense, founding the very bases of a national military force for the future of Syria. The Syrian Democratic forces in that regard called on all young men and women to attend those sides and join its ranks for their country Syria.” – Rojava 

Rojava’s enemies have sworn “eternal hostility.”

Daesh, Turkey, KPG are just some of the obvious that openly oppose Rojava but we see that Israel is voicing their opposition to Rojava. Some are suggesting that Israel is concerned that the political movement in Rojava with their concept of “Libertarian mixed with Socialism” will spread throughout the region. Israel has no enemies in Rojava that must be made clear. It’s unfortunate that Israel has taken a negative position on Rojava considering that the region is pulling together to insure the protection of all people. Rojava is the only safe haven for people of all religions and ethnicities in Syria.

There are three major reasons that the political elites want Rojava to vanish:

  1.   Regional players: ISIS, Syria, Turkey, KPG, Israel are all afraid of Rojava because of their political plans for the region.
  2. Global players: US, Canada, The Five Eyes Club, France & Germany don’t want the Middle East rules to change. Stability in the region is a threat to their interests.
  3. The international community: The UN and it’s members have no interest in supporting subversive ideology aimed at abolishing the States role as we (they) know it.

The people of Rojava see their greatest outside threat as Daesh from a Military perspective. Turkey currently is the largest threat politically. Turkey is fighting an information war and they intend to win it. The Turkish regime is abusing their governmental positions to oppress Rojava with denial of service, denial of open boarders and it largely works. Turkey uses State media to distort information about Rojava and claims that the people are terrorists. Yet Turkey has a comfortable relationship with ISIS even providing them with weapons & intelligence.

Rojava is under attack from the North as of October 24, 2015 by Turkey. Syria is a very complex region with multiple threats from every side. The creation of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” will defiantly pay off in the long run.We expect a military expansion with more armed forces uniting together in support of SDF in the coming months.

As media blackouts continue across America, Canada and elsewhere it is important to note that these regimes don’t want their people informed on the situation in Syria.

Most Westerners don’t know that China has been conducting military operations in Syria. We have the world uniting in Syria and this will come to a climax and a potential nuclear strike in Syria. The Syrian Democratic Force has their work cutout.

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