Canada’s abuse

Canada has attempted to distance themselves from America’s “Advanced Interrogation Program” or the CIA’s RDI (Retain Detain Interrogate.) The fact is Canadian doctors in partnership with American doctors created these “legal torture programs” or what they call *Advanced Interrogation. Doctors know the most about the human anatomy and they would know how to inflict the […]

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ISIS a history & a future

ISIS has been described by people on the ground as “the stuff of nightmares.” ISIS resembles the Muslim SS of the days of Adolf Hitler and not surprising considering Al Qaeda was precisely aiming for the fearless loyal solder image. ISIS target is all those who fail to submit to their ideology. Their mission is […]

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International Day of Kobane

International Kobane Day is only 4 days away! “I stand with the male and female Kurdish fighters. I respect the fallen & living volunteer fighters of Rojava!” # Syrian Democratic Force The Society for Threatened Peoples (STP) supports calls of the exiled Kurds and their friends in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia for an […]

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The fall of an Empire

For decades now Canada has been described as “the best place on Earth.” A country based on freedom, democracy and protected human freedoms for all people. With America making headlines from Abu Ghraib to GTIMO and other so called “Black prisons” Canada was slipping by without making much headlines on government abuses. Canada has attempted […]

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New alliance formed in Syria

They are calling themselves the “Syrian Democratic Forces.” An alliances formed between Rojava (YPG/YPJ) Javsh Al-Thuwar, Burkan al-Firat (Operations Room) Al-Sanadid Forces (Jaysh al-Sanadid) Brigade Groups of Al-Jazira & The Syriac Military Council. According to the Defence Forces “Due to accelerate conditions in both the political and the military development and the sensitive phases our […]

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Rojava and the hope

You might be asking yourself who or what is Rojava? Most Westerners have heard very little about Rojava in their daily news. Rojava is a little enclave in Northern Syria consisting primarily of Kurds and was the primary resistance to the extremist organization the Islamic State. The Kurds for quite sometime now have held territory […]

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